Bangkok Patana Magazine Feature

Patana Feature 2014Patana Feature 2014 2

A while back, I wrote an article for the end-of-term magazine for my high school alma mater: Bangkok Patana School, Bangkok, Thailand. What an honor!

In just three short years after graduating from Patana, so many things have happened in college. I got to write about highlights such as playing in the pit orchestra of Kiss Me Kate conducted by David Charles Abell, meeting the Ecuadorian delegation during their visit to Yale, all my work with acoustics and electronics, my friends in the Suite Spot ensemble as well as reflect on my Patana experience. Thank you Bangkok Patana for the incredible opportunities, the friends I made and the wonderful teachers who have guided and nurtured me! To name a few: Mr. Taylor, Larking, Hopkins, Bien, Gosling, Woods, McNaught, Barber and Ms Collins, Rachel, MacGregor, Flint, Sentilhes.

Check it out on the link below!

Patana Feature 2014

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