Sounds are “musical sketches” – small compositions and musical ideas that are (or were) on my mind.

What’d I Say (Hanoi Remix) – 21/7/2014

Ray Charles’ music made me fall in love with blues as a teenager growing up in Thailand. I played What’d I Say when I was about 10 years old during a school concert with a friend named Richie Cookson and was hooked with Ray’s music. A decade later, I find myself studying in the US where blues was born and made a trip down to Georgia to see Ray Charle’s home state for myself. Inspired, I picked up this song again and wanted to combine the old with the new: blues + drum n bass.

This song is dedicated to you, Ray! Thanks for inspiring me to be the musician I am today!

Alone – 5/12/2013

This is a short composition I wrote for solo piano in a class I am taking this semester taught by Prof. Richard Cohn called Music 309: Musical Sets, Spaces and Geometries. It is played and recorded by myself.

The composition is based on transitions between different Pressing Scales. I was drawn to the “sonic” character of each scale and hoped to draw these characteristics out in the melody and musical texture. For example, the octatonic scale allows a series of dominant 7 #9 chords, something that is not possible in other scales! The pressing scale relations were defined in the prompt, so I wasn’t “free” to write anything, but I was really happy with the outcome!

Suite Spot 2.0 Sound Collage Intro – 23/2/2013

A sound collage of inspiring quotes, sounds and memories from past and present. Played as the intro to the Suite Spot 2.0 Concert at Morse College, Yale University – Spring 2013. Composition, sampling and sequencing by Lamtharn (Hanoi) Hantrakul & Ethan Kyzivat.

Moves like Hanoi (The Multi-Genre Remix) – 15/12/2011

This is a unofficial remix I did of “Moves like Jagger”. I composed and recorded everything apart from the vocals. The aim was to transition through as many genres as possible including Salsa, Jazzy House, Progressive House, Pop and Organ music.

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