Kiss Me Kate


I had the rare opportunity of performing on piano and celeste in the 45-piece orchestra conducted by renowned David Charles Abell ’81. The sold-out show “Kiss Me Kate” was produced by Amber Edwards ’82 and featured an all-star Yale alumni cast of opera singers, Broadway actors and musicians. The production was named by the Hartford Courante as one of the top theater events of 2013.

The critical edition of the music by David Charles Abell can be accessed through Yale Publishing here. The all-star cast is detailed in coverage by Yale News: “The artistic staff and company of this “Kiss Me, Kate” includes a 40-year span of Yalies, from current students —who will make up the orchestra and musical ensemble and play small acting roles— to graduates at the top of their professions, among them Ethan Freeman ’81, well-known in the German-speaking world for his performances in musical theater; distinguished opera singer Sari Gruber ’93; and, taking a turn in the spotlight as the two gangsters who sing “Brush Up Your Shakespeare,” playwright Christopher Durang  MFA ’74 and composer Bobby Lopez ’97. All are volunteering their time and talent.” Media coverage by the The Courant and the New Haven Register.


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