Selected compositions

Music for TransForm – 2014 (Film, Ambient)

TransForm is a project from the MIT Media Lab Tangible Media Group, lead by Prof. Hiroshi Ishii, which celebrates ” the transformation from a piece of still furniture to a dynamic machine driven by the stream of data and energy”.

115 Hampshire House – 2014 (House)

A new soulful and feel-good track to celebrate the summer! This song is dedicated to my new friends whom I’ve been living with in 115 Hampshire Street, Cambridge MA. Here’s to you: Tobi, J-M, Juliette, Jon, Jenny, Kendra and good times!

Tom Yum Kung – 2014 (Big Band/Funk)

Original composition for 17-piece Big bang premiered by the Yale Jazz Ensemble at the School of Music during the concert “Home Grown” (2/7/2014).

The piece is named after my favourite Thai dish called “Tom Yum Kung”. It is a hot, spicy and tangy soup consisting of king prawns, mushrooms, lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves, galangal, and chiles. The next time you find yourself in a Thai restaurant, go ahead and order this favourite!

It the best soup on Earth!

East – 2012 (Prepared Piano)

This is a composition for piano duet inspired by the prepared piano works of George Crumb. The piece uses a variety of prepared piano techniques including placing coins in between the strings of a grand piano, using the “una corda” (leftmost pedal on a grand piano) so that the  strings can be struck like a dulcimer and also the selective excitation of string harmonics. The sonic landscape generated through these techniques remind of instruments of such as the Indonesian Gamelan, Indian Santur and Thai Khim from back home – as though the piano had been “Easternized” in sound. Premiered in December 2012 by myself and Ethan Kyzivat YC’15.

Tuk Tuk’n – 2012 (Big Bang/Funk)

Composed and arranged for the Yale Jazz Ensemble (YJE) 2011/2012 Season. I’ve been playing piano in the Yale Jazz Ensemble, a seventeen-piece big band, for the last three seasons since 2011. Premiered by the YJE at the Yale School of Music in February 2012.

Dit Dit Dot Dash (Suite Spot) – 2012 (House/Jazz)

Suite Spot is an ensemble made up of sophomores from one single suite in Morse College at Yale University.  We compose and write all of our own music with recordings available on this link. Founded in 2012 by the freshman members of Suite Spot.

What Happened to the Love – 2011 (Electronic)

A composition employing vocoders, original synthesizers sounds and my own vocals. The piece was premiered in February 2011 at Bangkok Patana School, Bangkok, Thailand and later featured in the compilation album “Blue Print” by 17O1 Records at Yale in 2012.

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