Performances and Presentations using the Makey Makey

The makey makey has added a fun and new way for me to interact with music! Rather than using boring buttons and knobs as input devices, the makey makey has opened up a whole new way to involve audience members in electronic music performance!

In the following video, I gave an impromptu presentation to class of Grade 3 students at my old school (Bangkok Patana School, Bangkok, Thailand) during an introduction to coding class. The class was a new initiative by the school to introduce coding to kids at an earlier age…what a great idea! I wish someone introduced me to coding when I was that small! The goal for my presentation was to show what is possible when one learns how to code. I got into coding purely because I started playing with the arduino and realizing that in order to “bend” the world around me to do what I want it to, I had to learn software and hardware design. I hope I inspired the students and I was very excited that many of them came to me afterwards to ask about where they could buy the makey makey and arduino!

Over the summer, I received the Yale Richard U. Light Fellowship to study Chinese in Beijing for 9 weeks during Summer 2013. It was an incredible experience and I hope I can return to China again! During the program, the teachers hosted a singing competition and gave the contestants the instruction that the addition of theatrical elements will give bonus points. I decided to cook up a fresh surprise for he judges and fellow students using dumplings (包子 - baozi in “Mandarin”). It’s called “Baozi Beats!” (for the first minute of the video).

In the following video, I demonstrated the makey makey at the Yale Center for Engineering Innovation and Design (check out a blog post I  wrote the for the Yale Office of Undergraduate Admissions) during a CEID Wednesday Workshop. This demonstration features real people and real hands!

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