Moog Video Feature

Leading up to this year’s Moog Hackathon, Moog posted an awesome and well produced video of our winning hack from … More

Summer Beats Jam 2014

Just having some fun using the MIDI Fighter! EVERYTHING IS 100% LIVE! Uses a variety of DJ TechTools soundpacks, Kill … More


SonicSwipe is a music-motion game designed for the Leap Motion. It was designed and coded by Alissa Anh Chu and … More

In Circles Premiere

One of my new compositions for solo cello, Leap Motion and hemispherical speaker was recently premiered at the Yale University … More

Spatial mixing of effects

I got to perform a piece with the new group at Yale called [A]2 (pronounced “A squared”) during their debut last … More

Leap Motion Developer Labs

My work involving the Leap Motion, Arduinos, LEDs, Max/MSP and Hemispherical Speakers was recently featured in the Leap Motion Developer … More