Of Sushi, Cardboard and Beats

I had the chance to perform at the inaugural Asian American Reunion at Yale University this weekend. The performance features some of the projects I’ve been working with this semester.

The first demo uses sushi and MIT Media Lab’s Makey Makey. The samples are triggered via Ableton Live.

In the heat of the performance, I forgot to introduce the speaker table that I’ve been working on with Zach Rotholz’11! Zach is the CEO of a Chairigami, a start up building novel furniture out of cardboard. All the sound in the performance is generated by transducers mounted on each panel of the standing desk. It was the first time I have used the integrated speaker table and it did very well for the room the size of a cathedral!

I also use one of my Leap Motion programs to map chopstick motion with filter cutoff.

Overall a very fun experience and I think the crowd enjoyed it a lot!




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