ENAS 344/MUSI 371: Musical Acoustics and Instrument Design

This semester, I was a CEID assistant to a new class taught by Dr. Lawrence Wilen, my co-advisor for my senior thesis in Applied Physics and Prof. Konrad Kaczmarek, who I previously co-published a paper with. The class combines acoustics and physics of musical instruments with practical instrument making and design! At the end of the course, students also had an introduction to electronics and microcontrollers such as the Teensy 3.0. The class was essentially everything I love about the intersection between Physics, Music and EE! I wish I had this class offered in my freshman year!

I think the class was a great success and so many cool projects were made I especially liked Pong Trairatvorakul’s Ponticello and Benjamin Fisher’s wood resonator piano. Kudos to Prof. Kaczmarek and Dr. Wilen for such a success!

My role in the class was testing the labs before students proceeded with them and trouble shooting components that students wanted to use in their final projects. This was a prototype saxophone Dr. Wilen and I played around with during the semester.

2014-10-01 15.44.12

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