Music Box MkII

The Music Box MkII in an improvement over The Music Box MkI. It uses a DTA-2 amp, has a variable volume control and also outputs sound in stereo! The cost of the device is also less than 20$ and sounds great!

My next step is to make a self contained box speaker system with all the components hidden inside. This way, the user can “hold” the box not knowing how the sound is produced or where it comes from. A cheap bluetooth audio transmitter can be used on the inside to complete a “completely wireless Music Box!” This would be an interesting device for use in live performance. What if listeners each had their own box and sound was emanated from each of the boxes? What if audience members could hold the box, tilt it and thus change some aspect of the sound that is coming from something they are holding?

From an education perspective, a system could also be developed where objects can be tagged and when placed into a box, causes the box to produce the sound associated with the item. This will be particularly useful for interactive learning activities for young children. Recognition of the object could use NFC tags…

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