Leap Motion Dubstep with Arduino controlled RGB LED’s

This set up ses Masayuki Akamatsu’s aka.leapmotion object to read data from the Leap motion. Data and coordinates are processed using a patch I created in Max/MSP 6. The data is sent to Ableton Live from Max via channel “From Max 1”. Synth Patch uses a sound I created in Native Instrument’s Massive.

Max/MSP is also sending a formatted version of the coordinates to the serial monitor. This data is fed into the arduino and used to control the RGB LED’s (Shown in second half of video). I wired a basic TIP31 transistor setup on a breadboard to allow the arduino to control the 12V powered LED Strip.

Currently, this MAX patch only taps into one degree of freedom presented by the leap. The aka.leapmotion object also outputs finger positions on both hands. I am currently working on a patch to differentiate hands and fingers and use the Leap Motion as an expressive gestural input device. The leapmotion can also be used as a “super modwheel” (left hand) if used in conjunction with a piano keyboard (right hand). This would allow the left hand to do things like vibrato and other effects…much like the action of a violinist when modulating a played sound, except it is not limited to the mod wheel but the 3D space.

For the Max Object in this demo:

For the Arduino code:

For the Ableton Project (Copyright Lamtharn Hantrakul):



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