Yale Engineering & Science Weekend Symposium Presenter

The Yale Engineering and Science Weekend or YES Weekend, is an intense 3-day program that immerses the top 120 applicants to Yale with the university’s resources, professors and students in the sciences. I was chosen as one of four student presenters to show some the new admits what goes on in Science at Yale.

I had a wonderful experience pursuing my double major in Applied Physics and Music at Yale. I was able to study both disciplines without compromise to either one. All of the projects on this website up to this point were made, advised and implemented during my time at Yale. More importantly, I was able to take advantage of professorial and financial resources from both departments to work on projects on the intersection of the two – such as the one in the presentation during YES-W. The three other presenters covered molecular biology, mechanical engineering, cognitive science while I covered Physics.

For the latest paper and explanation of the acoustics and signal processing of the device, please visit this link to my Applied Physics thesis presentation. The presentation was given to Physics faculty and graduate students at the end of term before graduation.

If you are a prospective student who happened to stumble on this page, the Yale Daily News has a great three-part article about science at Yale.

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