From Light to Lumia – Yale LUX

“From Light to Lumia” celebrates artist Thomas Wilfred’s transformation of Light into LUMIA – an art form of Wilfred’s invention. Yale University is home to Wilfred’s papers, and the Yale University Art Gallery is currently working toward an exhibition of Wilfred’s work – Light in Orbit: Thomas Wilfred’s Lumia, scheduled to open  in 2017.

Shawn Boyle, a Projection Design student at the Yale School of Drama, produced the animations and projection in response to one of Wilfred’s many drawings held in the collection at Yale. I composed the music based on Owen’s Lumia artwork and implied sense of motion and sound in Wilfred’s drawings.


Shawn would send me snippets of the visuals he was working on as the project progressed. I rented a projector from the university library and projected the visuals onto my dorm wall. Then, I would sit back and just watch the animation and “hear” the music. It was a very fun experience and to see the final projection on large canvas of Beinecke library was incredible.

You can learn more about our design process in the interview clip:

From Light to Lumia was just one of many collaborations between students and faculty from across Yale schools featured in a project called Yale LUX – Ideas through light. Kudos to the team of undergraduates who imagined and put the whole project together. The exhibition lasted for three nights and drew in a very large crowd on Beinecke plaza. In fact, Yale should do this again! It was such a beautiful sense of community as Yale students, professors and New Haven residents watched the animations together – like an outdoor film festival.



My favorite projection was Cascade by a Philosophy major, Evelyn Robertson, who is also an artist. Cascade projected trails of paint falling down the side of Beinecke in an organic and mesmerizing sequence. It was like the surface of Beinecke was slowly being stained by these incredible hues. I also really liked the tone of colors. The blues and reds were more like pastel blues and maroon, which gave a very interesting vibrant-but-subdued color set.


Beinecke will be under renovation for the next two years, so there won’t be any more LUX projects to come. But I hope to see the university take up this project and make it an annual event!

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Watch From Light to Lumia from a different angle.

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