ICMC – SMC 2014 in Athens, Greece

I gave an oral presentation at the joint 2014 International Computer Music Conference and Sound Music Computing Conference in Athens, Greece! It was my first time at such a large conference – over 600 people!

The topic of my presentation was on the paper that I wrote with my advisor Prof. Konrad Kaczmarek. It focuses on applications of the Leap Motion sensor for live performance and sound synthesis. I talk about how the the Leap Motion is implemented using the aka.leapmotion object created by Masayuki Akamatsu as well as applications that Konrad and I devised such as the a gesture based granular synthesizer. I did a short live demo of the project during the presentation. It was my first time presenting to an audience like ICMC-SMC and it was very fun!

It was also inspiring to hear a week full of electro-acoustic compositions for chamber groups, fixed media and live performances. I had never heard of music by composers like Xenakis before, so it was an eye opening experience (“ear opening”) for me in both musical and technological regards.


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