Research Presentation

I had the chance to present the projects I have been working on this past semester to undergraduate composers and professors during the last week of term. It was a very exciting experience because it’s the first time I’ve had the chance to present on the work I’ve been doing. I was really happy that many of the students were fascinated and excited about the things I was talking about. I was even happier when some of the composers approached me to say they would love to use the motion activated granular synthesizer in their compositions!

In this presentation I cover the following topics:

1.) My first project using the Leap motion for some hand-waving dubstep

2.) Using the makey makey with some code modifications and Ableton for some interesting alternative inputs

3.) The HeMiDi controller I’m building -( This actually refused to work at the presentation so it was good I had a video!)

4.) Granular Synthesis – Max patch available on this link. I also got to use the flutes I’ve been making.

5.) A culmination of all the things I’ve been working on – A motion activated granular synthesizer with human-computer interaction (HCI) localization of sound using a DIY Hemispherical Speaker.

I also learnt that all the technical things that could possible go wrong will all go wrong in a demo! I will develop a smoother setup for audio preferences and troubleshooting etc in future presentations. I found that this website saved the day when it comes to a demonstration that does not work!

I am now even more excited to share my projects with other students!

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