Hemispherical Speaker Demo

I finished building the Hemispherical speaker I previously started and it works great! The build combines the design from Princeton’s Delorean Speaker and Stanford’s Slork speaker and the performance has been really good. Seeing that this was a personal project, I also tried to minimize costs and now that speaker is working, I am happy to say that build I developed is much much cheaper. One of the most expensive components of the builds are the speakers and amplifiers. I decided to use bare board amplifiers for 15$ each from Parts Express for a total of 45$. Stanford’s design uses three of these T-Amp Amplifiers  for a total of 240$ and Princeton’s design uses three 3 of these Charlize amplifiers for a total of 468$! I decided to use the same speakers because the ones used in the original design sound very good and great value for the price. (I’ve made cardboard box speakers that sound better than some of the speakers for this price!)

I am in the process of writing a step by step set of instructions on how to construct a Hemispherical Speaker with speaker components updated  for 2013/2014. The speakers from Stanford and Princeton are really awesome to play with and hopefully a cheaper build will encourage more people to consider building their own and exploring the creative and sonic capabilities of Hemispherical Speakers. 

In the video above, I have written a Max Patch that sends sound out of the speakers according to the location of a cursor on a map. Each of the bars represent the volume level of the speaker. The sound is produced from a Granular synthesizer that I also built in Max  and available on this link:



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