Winning the Moog Hackathon…again!

Last year, Zach, Somesh and I took part in the Moog Hackathon and grabbed first place with our collaborative instrument “Moog’s Greatest Hits”. This year, with the addition of my old friend Lien, we came back with a new and mobile idea in mind – a synth scooter. (Zach came up with this idea =])

Our system is entirely self contained and mobile, check out the post on our instrument on the hackathon website!

The synth features:

  • Embedded LED’s on the wheels that can modulate the Moog Werkstatt
  • A modified Moog Werkstatt that has a real California license plate as the front sytnh plate
  • Force sensors to accelerate and deccelerate
  • Tilt sensors to detect the turning rate


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