International Design Awards for fidular

The cross-cultural modular fiddle system called fidular I designed in 2016 has done incredibly well this year on the international stage! A year in review for 2017:


Fidular placed into the top 5% of designs at the prestigious A’ Design Competition 2017, winning a Silver Award in the category of Musical Instruments. According to the statistics from the competition from the last 10 years, this places my Industrial Design and Engineering work at #4 in the World for Musical Instruments.

A’ Design Competition 2017 Fidular Awards Page


Fidular also placed Student Runner Up in the Core 77 Design Awards 2017 based in the US. The system was chosen by judges in the category of Open Design, defined by the competition as “projects whose final form is ‘open’, liable to change (physically or digitally), and whose underlying purpose is creation or recreation by the end-user”

Core 77 Design Awards 2017 Fidular Awards Page

Fidular is now on display in a permanent exhibition at the Musical Instruments Museum in Phoenix, AZ. The design was selected as part of a exhibit called “How Science brings Music to Life”, a collection of both experimental and commercial instruments that combine cutting edge materials and sensors to develop novel musical instruments.


To date, the system has toured with the A’ Design Competition to a variety of exhibitions including:

– 40×40 Exhibition, Budapest, Hungary (October 2017)
– Shenzhen International Industrial Design Fair, Shenzhen, China (November 2017)
– Festival of Architecture and Interior Designing Conference, Mumbai, India (September 2017)

I’ve documented everything about fidular: from the the process of design and engineering and to my teachers, friends and mentors who helped me make this project a reality. Please visit this link.

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