Toaster Oven Magic – College Cooking special!

Spring break can be a funny time, especially when you’re an international student and home is 8617 miles away in Bangkok, Thailand. Over spring break, most students return to back to family, some go on exotic trips to South America or the Caribbean islands, some go on class-related expeditions to South Africa, some go on road trips to the Mid-West and some stay on campus.

If you happen to live in a dorm like me, it is likely you don’t have kitchen in your room. You may have access to a kitchen (great, I’m a little jealous!), but Yale happens to be a place where the student kitchen is closed over break and eating in the dining hall requires an additional “Spring Break” plan. Boo.

So I gave myself a culinary challenge, to cook exclusively in a toaster oven until the dining halls open again. After browsing a few websites, I concluded it was possible to treat the toaster oven less like a toaster and more like an oven. 

Armed with a Toaster oven, rice cooker, an electric kettle and about $60 of groceries, here were some of my creations! Stay tuned for the subsequent blog for recipes! The photography is my own work, shot with a Sony NEX-C3 with a Sigma 35mm F.28 lens.

Toaster oven chicken drumsticks with parmesan and lime pasta


Toaster oven stuffed peppers with crispy bacon and roasted asparagus


Toaster oven frittata


Toaster oven baked pasta with salted salmon and bacon


Toaster oven salmon fillet with garlic-cilantro rice


Toaster oven mac ‘n cheese on a pepper.


Toaster oven pizza 


Toaster oven kitchen space


Compared to my usual writing on STEM and music, this post is fresh with new flavors…pun intended.

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