Delegation of Ecuador visit@CEID

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This week, Yale was honored with the visit of Rafael Correa, the President of Ecuador, and his delegation consisting of ministers from various sectors. During his visit to the CEID, a number of selected students and undergraduate STEM organizations were invited to present to the delegation of about 30 members. Although I have never been to South America, it was such an exciting experience to meet these very kind and enthusiastic government officials! They mentioned that the CEID presenters has a free stay in Ecuador…I think I might take them up on that.

About 10 minutes before the delegation walked in, one of my colleagues said “it would be so cool if it played the Ecuadorian national anthem.” It would be cool indeed! I took up the challenge and memorized the first minute of the national anthem and played it during their visit! It was a hit indeed!

In particular, I had a lot of fun demoing my “stringless violin” project to Dr Guillaume Long, Minister of Knowledge and Human Talent. He had the chance to play the stringless violin using the piano keyboard and was very impressed with the goal of being to able to “stream” live violin concerts from other countries to this surrogate violin! Here is a link to his personal tweet!


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