Hemispherical speaker

Inspired by Stanford’s SLORK speakers and Princeton’s Delorean speaker, I decided to try building my own hemi speaker. I mixed and match instructions between the two speaker designs because there were elements that I liked from both. I preferred SLORK’s hemispherical wooden enclosure but did not like the idea of a fixed volume amp. I therefore used Delorean’s amp design with a volume knob and also used a 6 pin enutrik connector to simplify incoming cables. Lastly, I am attempting to find cheaper alternatives to the build of both speakers. Both speakers use amplifiers in the range of 80 – 150$ each, but I am trying build the speakers using a DTA-2 amp which cost 15$each.

Hemispherical speakers more accurately reproduce how sound propagates from a real instrument. 2 speakers on 2 sides of the room often sound unnatural and also overpower acoustic instruments. A hemi speaker makes the sound more “intimate” and much closer to how a real instrument would produce the sound. If it works, I will post detailed instructions for a “2013 Updated” build featuring updated components (the amps in both models are no longer produced) that cost less money. Here is the gallery of the speaker so far! I look forward to integrating this into my future compositions!

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